Arkel KBL-CBK3 Cable 3.3 m

  • Product Code: 1002485
  • Model No: KBL-CBK3
  • Description: 3.3m Can-bus Cable with 3.96mm Connector for Elevator Systems by ARKEL


  • 3.3-meter Length: Perfectly suited for comprehensive elevator systems.
  • 3.96mm Connector: Designed for a firm and stable connection.
  • Rapid Data Transfer: Employs Can-bus technology for swift and reliable data transmission.
  • Tailored for Elevators: Specifically designed for elevator inter-system communication.
  • Durable Structure: Built to endure and provide long-lasting service.
  • Efficient Communication: Ensures smooth operation of elevator systems.
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Arkel KBL-CBK3 Can-bus Cable 3.3 m. (Main Line – With 3,96 mm Connector)

This cable is used in elevators and facilitates inter-system data transmission. The Can-bus technology is designed to conduct data transmission between devices in a rapid and reliable manner.

  • Product Code: 1002485
  • DESCRIPTION: Can-bus Cable 3.3 m. (Main Line – 3.96 mm connector)

ARKEL KBL-CBK3 Can-bus Cable 3.3 m. Features

This cable is specifically designed for and tailored to elevator systems. Some of the unique features of the product include:

  • 3 meter length and 3.96 mm connectors.
  • Rapid and reliable data transfer through Can-bus technology.
  • Durable and long-lasting structure.

ARKEL KBL CBK 3 Can-bus Cable 3.3 m. Benefits and Key Points

This Can-bus cable is used for data transmission in elevator systems and offers numerous advantages:

  • Reliable data transmission: Can-bus technology controls the data traffic on the line, minimizing transmission errors.
  • Quick Installation:96 mm connectors allow for rapid and easy installation.
  • Durability: Its specialized design and high-quality materials promise long-term use.

ARKEL KBL CBK 3 Can-bus Cable 3.3 m. Frequently Asked Questions

What is this Can-bus Cable?

The Can-bus cable is a cable used for data transmission in elevator systems. The data is transferred quickly and securely through Can-bus technology.

Why should I use this Can-bus Cable?

The rapid and reliable data transmission provided by this cable ensures efficient and error-free operation of the elevator. Furthermore, its durability enables long-term use.

How is this Can-bus Cable installed?

Thanks to the 3.96 mm connectors of the cable, it can be quickly and easily connected to the elevator system.

Where is this cable used?

This Can-bus cable is particularly used in elevator systems. By facilitating data transmission, it contributes to error-free and efficient operation of the system.

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