LCD240128A-P 114×64 mm Arkel LCD Indicator

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Good quality ARKEL LCD240128A-P Display Module, affordable price at ISF Elevator Shop.

At ISF Elevator Shop, we are proud to present the ARKEL LCD240128A-P Display Module, a state-of-the-art component in our extensive range of elevator equipment. Our commitment to providing only the best in elevator technology is exemplified in this advanced module, designed to significantly enhance the user experience in elevators. Here’s a detailed overview of what the ARKEL LCD240128A-P Display Module offers:

Overview: The ARKEL LCD240128A-P Display Module is an innovative elevator display solution, crafted to offer clear and concise information to passengers. Its advanced technology and Parallel connection capability make it an indispensable part of modern elevator systems, providing a seamless and informed elevator journey.

LCD240128A-P Key Features:

  • Floor Support: Capable of supporting up to 64 floors, it’s ideal for a diverse range of buildings, from residential complexes to commercial skyscrapers.
  • Operating Modes: Versatile in design, it serves as both a cabin and floor display, with options for horizontal or vertical installation.
  • Programmable Input/Output: Features 2 programmable inputs and outputs, allowing for a tailored user experience.
  • Status Display: Displays critical statuses such as out of service, overload, maintenance, and fire emergencies, keeping passengers informed and safe.
  • EN81-70 Compliance: Meets the EN81-70 standard, assuring both safety and reliability in its operation.

Benefits and Key Points of LCD240128A-P

  • User-Friendly Design: Designed with the user in mind, its interface is intuitive, displaying essential information clearly.
  • Flexible Installation: The module’s design allows for either horizontal or vertical installation, offering versatility to suit different elevator interiors.
  • Wide Floor Support: Its ability to support 64 floors makes it a perfect fit for high-rise buildings.
  • EN81-70 Compliance: Adherence to safety and quality standards ensures reliability and peace of mind for users and installers alike.

LCD240128A-P Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How does it work? It displays the elevator’s movement and status, providing passengers with real-time information on floor and direction.
  2. Installation Complexity? Installation is straightforward with professional assistance, enhanced by its flexible mounting options.
  3. Compliance Standards? It complies with the EN81-70 standard, a testament to its safety and quality.
  4. Floor Capacity? It supports up to 64 floors, catering to various building heights.

Contact Information: For more information or inquiries about the ARKEL LCD240128A-P Display Module, feel free to reach out:

Choose the ARKEL LCD240128A-P Display Module at ISF Elevator Shop for a blend of innovative technology, user-friendly design, and affordability. Elevate your building’s elevator experience with us, where quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.


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