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  • Arkel EMC FILTERS: Top-quality elevator components.
  • Key Models: EMC 30A, EMC 50A, EMC 50A (37kW).
  • Benefits: EMI reduction, improved reliability, extended component lifespan, EMC standards compliance.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for elevators (commercial, residential, industrial), medical devices, telecommunications equipment, and more.

Good quality Arkel EMC FILTERS, affordable price at ISF Elevator Shop:

At ISF Elevator Shop, we take pride in offering high-quality elevator components and equipment, and our Arkel EMC FILTERS are no exception. These filters are essential for maintaining the optimal performance and reliability of elevator systems, ensuring they meet the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements. Let's delve into the details of Arkel EMC FILTERS and why they are a crucial component for elevator systems:


1. EMC 30A:

  • Suitable for elevator motors with power ratings of 5.5 kW, 7.5 kW, or 11 kW.
  • Designed to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) effectively.
  • Compliant with EMC standards to prevent interference with other electronic devices.
  • Enhances the reliability and lifespan of elevator systems.

2. EMC 50A:

  • Specifically designed for elevator motors with power ratings of 15 kW or 22 kW.
  • Provides robust EMI reduction to ensure smooth elevator operation.
  • Fully compliant with EMC standards to prevent potential malfunctions in other electronic equipment.

3. EMC 50A (37kW):

  • Tailored for elevator motors with a substantial power rating of 37 kW.
  • Offers superior EMI reduction for large-scale elevator systems.
  • Adheres to stringent EMC standards, guaranteeing reliable performance.

Benefits of Arkel EMC FILTERS:

  • EMI Reduction: Arkel EMC FILTERS effectively reduce electromagnetic interference generated by elevator motors, preventing potential disruptions to other electronic devices in the vicinity.
  • Improved Reliability: By mitigating EMI, these filters enhance the overall reliability of elevator systems. This translates to fewer service interruptions and increased user satisfaction.
  • Extended Component Lifespan: Arkel EMC FILTERS play a pivotal role in safeguarding elevator components from the harmful effects of EMI. This prolongs the lifespan of critical parts, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Compliance with EMC Standards: Our filters meet all applicable EMC standards, ensuring that your elevator systems are in full compliance with regulatory requirements.

Versatile Applications:

Arkel EMC FILTERS find utility not only in elevator systems but also in various applications where EMI reduction is essential. These include:

  • Commercial Elevators: Ensuring a smooth ride for customers in commercial buildings.
  • Residential Elevators: Enhancing the comfort and reliability of home elevators.
  • Industrial Elevators: Supporting heavy-duty operations in industrial settings.
  • Medical Devices: Preventing EMI from affecting critical medical equipment.
  • Telecommunications Equipment: Ensuring interference-free communication.


What are EMC FILTERS, and why are they important for elevators?

EMC FILTERS, or Electromagnetic Compatibility Filters, are essential components in elevators. They serve the crucial role of reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI) generated by elevator motors. EMI can disrupt the operation of electronic devices in the vicinity, potentially causing malfunctions. EMC FILTERS ensure that elevators comply with electromagnetic compatibility standards, ensuring smooth and reliable operation.

How do EMC FILTERS work in elevators?

EMC FILTERS work by attenuating or reducing the electromagnetic noise generated by elevator motors. They act as a barrier, filtering out unwanted electromagnetic interference. This filtering process ensures that the electrical signals within the elevator system remain clean and do not interfere with other electronic devices. In essence, EMC FILTERS create a shield against EMI, allowing elevators to function reliably without affecting nearby electronics.

What happens if elevators don't have EMC FILTERS?

Without EMC FILTERS, elevators can emit electromagnetic interference that can disrupt the operation of other electronic equipment. This interference can lead to malfunctions, data corruption, or even safety hazards in critical systems. In addition, non-compliance with electromagnetic compatibility standards can result in regulatory issues. Therefore, EMC FILTERS are essential for maintaining the integrity and reliability of elevator systems.

Are EMC FILTERS only used in elevators?

No, EMC FILTERS find applications in various industries beyond elevators. They are used wherever electromagnetic interference needs to be controlled. Common applications include industrial machinery, medical devices, telecommunications equipment, and automotive systems. In any scenario where electronic devices must coexist without interference, EMC FILTERS play a vital role.

How do I choose the right EMC FILTER for my elevator system?

Selecting the appropriate EMC FILTER depends on the power rating of your elevator motor and the specific requirements of your elevator system. Refer to the motor's specifications to determine the suitable filter model (e.g., EMC 30A, EMC 50A, or EMC 50A for 37kW). Ensure that the chosen filter complies with relevant EMC standards and has the capacity to handle the motor's electromagnetic emissions. Consulting with a professional or reaching out to EMC FILTER manufacturers like ISF Elevator Shop can provide guidance in making the right choice.


you can find the prices for our EMC FILTERS on our website at the top of the product pages. To make it more convenient for you, here's a general overview of our pricing structure for Arkel EMC FILTERS:

  1. EMC 30A Arkel Filter for 5,5kW 7,5kW 11kW
  2. EMC 50A Arkel Filter for 15kW & 22kW
  3. EMC 50A

Please note that our prices may vary depending on factors such as quantity, location, and any ongoing promotions or discounts. For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information, we recommend visiting the specific product pages on our website. If you have any further questions or need assistance with your purchase, feel free to reach out to us via our website or contact our customer support at We are here to assist you with all your EMC FILTER needs.

In summary, Arkel EMC FILTERS from ISF Elevator Shop are an indispensable component for elevator systems and other applications where EMI reduction is paramount. We offer these filters at competitive prices, allowing you to maintain the quality and reliability of your elevators while staying within budget.

For more information or to purchase Arkel EMC FILTERS, please visit our official website: ISF Elevator Shop. We stand behind the professional and reassuring quality of our products to meet your elevator system needs.