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1. What is Arkel Elevator Systems Company?

Arkel Elevator Systems Logo

Arkel Elevator Systems is the name of a company that specializes in elevator control cards, control panels, emergency rescue systems, R&D and engineering services in revision and alarm sets, VVVF drive and integrated elevator control unit manufacturing. The company was founded in 1998 and has been providing products and solutions for the lift industry since then.

Arkel is also a town in the province of South Holland, Netherlands. It is located approximately 3 km north of Gorinchem.

More information about Arkel Elevator company:

Arkel Elevator Systems (Steuerung) is a distinguished Turkish brand that has been a pioneer in the elevator industry since its establishment in 1998. With a strong commitment to safety, efficiency, and innovation, Arkel has set industry benchmarks for over two decades.

Founded in 1998, Arkel Elevator Systems has continuously strived to push the boundaries of elevator technology. They specialize in the design and production of various elevator components and systems, including:

2. What Products Does Arkel Manufacture?

Arkel Elevator Systems Products und Lift Controller Panels

Arkel Elevator Systems is a Turkish company that manufactures and supplies elevator components and systems. Arkel products are used in a wide range of elevator applications, including passenger elevators, freight elevators, and service elevators. Arkel Elevator Systems Products und Lift Controller Panels is a German translation of the company's name and product range. It can be translated into English as "Arkel Elevator Systems Produkte und Aufzugsteuerungstableaus".

Arkel produces a range of products in the elevator industry. These include elevator control cards, control panels, emergency rescue systems, revision and alarm sets, VVVF drivers, and integrated elevator control units. Additionally, they design and manufacture other electronic devices needed in the sector.

Here are the other products offered by Arkel Elevator Systems:

Arkel offers a wide range of products, including:

  • ARCUBE series
  • ARL 300, ARL 500, ARL 700 - Lift Control Cards series
  • ARCODE series
  • ADrive
  • ARCODE Lift Command Panels
  • RGN-B06 ADrive Remote Keypad
  • Encabit Plus
  • AKUS SD EK-1
  • EK-4 PB-1 PB-4 RK12 RK22 RK32 RK51 RK71 RK77
  • FSL1-NF and FSL2-NF: Two different products.
  • Liftmedia: A product with various features such as LCD240X128, BC - LCD 10555, 2X Dotmatrix, and 3X Dotmatrix.
  • KKBT: A product that can be used in conjunction with BC-LCDA and Liftsense Monostable Switch.
  • KM 10, KM 20, and KM-30S: Three different products with different current values.
  • 14A, 17A, 26A, 35A, 50A, and 75A: Six different products with different current values.
  • EMC 30A and EMC 50A: Two different electromagnetic compatibility products.
  • 10 OHM, 18 OHM, 25 OHM, 40 OHM, and 50 OHM: Five different products used as braking resistances.
  • ApRe Auto KG, FX EXP Card, FX Serial, FX Serial32, FX-CAN, GKS HSR, LEVELED MKR 02C, MRL CHARGE REVISION GONG SP-16, and many other products.

Arkel Elevator Control Panels

Arkel Elevator Pano Lift Control Panel Produkt. At online ISF Elevator Shop

Arkel elevator control and monitoring panels are always leading the way with their ergonomic design and functional features.

  • ARCODE Elevator Control Panel: The ARCODE Control Panel, crafted by Arkel, stands as a pinnacle of innovation and functionality in the realm of elevator control systems. Meticulously designed with both ergonomic excellence and practical features, this panel is a testament to our commitment to elevating safety and efficiency standards in the vertical transportation industry.
  • ARL 100 Elevator Control Panel: The ARL 100 is a comprehensive elevator control system manufactured by Arkel. It is a single-speed or double-speed elevator control panel for up to 8 floors that complies with EN 81-1.

  • ARL 200 Pano: The ARL 200 is an elevator control panel manufactured by Arkel. It is a single- or double-speed panel that is compliant with EN 81-1, the European standard for elevators. The ARL 200 features automatic door control and special connections for the safety circuit, which is supported by the KBK-5 card.
  • ARL 300 Elevator Control Panel: The ARL 300 elevator control panel is a device that controls the operation of an elevator. It is compatible with the EN 81-1 /2+A3 standard, which is a set of safety requirements for elevators. The ARL 300 panel can operate elevators with speeds up to 1.6 meters per second and can support up to 24 stops.
    • Door control: The ARL 500 can control any type of automatic elevator door. It has two door control inputs and outputs in the control panel, as well as a door bridging circuit that allows the door to be opened early or to reset the door open level.
    • Motor protection: The ARL 500 has built-in motor protection features, including ready-made inputs and outputs on the control card. It also has ground fault protection for the elevator car and shaft power supplies, as well as special connections for safety circuits in the control panel, revision box, and shaft bottom box.
    • Lighting control: The ARL 500 can control the elevator shaft lighting using a surge current switch. This can be done using buttons in the elevator car or in the shaft bottom.ARL 500 Panel Elevator Control Panel: The ARL 500 is an elevator control panel that can be used in both hydraulic and rope elevators with up to 48 floors. It is compliant with the EN 81-1/2+A3 standard, which is a set of safety requirements for elevators in Europe. The ARL 500 has a number of advantages, including:
  • ARL 700 Panel: The ARL 700 elevator control panel is a device that controls the movement of elevators. It is compliant with EN 81-20, which is a European standard for elevators. The ARL 700 can be used in elevators with speeds up to 2.5 m/s and with up to 64 stops.

Arkel ARCODE Integrated Control & Drive UnitsArkel arcode elevator integrated lift control unit

ARCODE is a complete elevator control system that includes a VVVF driver, control module, and floor-leveling systems for smooth operation.

These units play a crucial role in ensuring the efficient and safe operation of elevators. They are known for their innovative design and advanced functionality. Learn more about Arkel ARCODE Integrated Control & Drive Units

Arkel ARCODE Peripheral Units

Arkel's ARCODE Peripheral Units are additional devices that enhance the capabilities of elevator systems. They are designed to work in conjunction with the ARCODE Integrated Control & Drive Units, expanding the range of features and functions available to elevators. Discover Arkel ARCODE Peripheral Units

Arkel ARCODE Landing Call & Indicator Units

Arkel's ARCODE Landing Call & Indicator Units are integral components for fulfilling the floor call and indicator functions of elevators. These units ensure that passengers can easily and safely request elevator service and are informed of the elevator's status. Explore Arkel ARCODE Landing Call & Indicator Units

Arkel ADrive VVVF Inverter (Lift Speed Controller) for Lifts

Arkel Elevator Systems ADrive VVVF Inverter

The Arkel ADrive VVVF Inverter is a sophisticated device designed to control the speed of elevator motors. It utilizes Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) technology, which is essential for achieving precise and energy-efficient elevator operation. Learn more about Arkel ADrive VVVF Inverter

Arkel Lift Control Cards

Arkel Elevator Systems ARL 300, ARL 500, and ARL-700 Lift Control Cards

Arkel offers a range of Lift Control Cards that manage various functions within elevator systems. These cards are vital for ensuring the smooth and reliable operation of elevators. Explore Arkel Lift Control Cards

Arkel ARL 300 Lift Control CardsArkel Elevator Systems ARL 300 Lift Control Card

Arkel's ARL 300 Lift Control Cards are specifically designed to control elevator systems with a maximum of 24 floors. These cards play a central role in managing elevator operations efficiently. Learn more about Arkel ARL 300 Lift Control Cards

Arkel Arl 500 Lift Control Cards

Arkel's Arl 500 Lift Control Cards are engineered for reliable elevator control. They ensure precise and safe operation, making them a critical component in elevator systems. Discover Arkel Arl 500 Lift Control Cards

Arkel Arl 700 Lift Control Cards

Arkel's Arl 700 Lift Control Cards are designed to meet the demands of modern elevator systems. These cards play a vital role in optimizing elevator performance. Learn more about Arkel Arl 700 Lift Control Cards

Arkel EMC Filters

Arkel EMC Filters are essential components that help reduce electrical interference in elevator systems, ensuring their reliable and safe operation. Explore Arkel EMC Filters

Arkel UPS & Batteries

Arkel offers UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and battery solutions for elevators, ensuring continuous power to critical elevator components, even during power fluctuations or outages. Discover Arkel UPS & Batteries

Cables & Wiring for Elevator Control Panels

Arkel provides a variety of cables and wiring solutions designed for elevator control panels, ensuring secure and efficient connections in elevator systems.

Door Contacts Cable for Lifts

Door contact cables are an integral part of elevator systems, ensuring the proper functioning of door mechanisms. Arkel offers reliable door contact cable solutions. Learn more about Door Contacts Cable for Lifts

Inspection Boxes

Arkel's inspection boxes are essential for maintenance and inspection tasks within elevator systems, providing easy access to critical components.

Elevator Door Control Cards

Arkel's elevator door control cards are crucial for managing the operation of elevator doors, ensuring passenger safety and smooth transportation. Explore Arkel Elevator Door Control Cards

Magnetic Switches & Magnets

Arkel offers a range of magnetic switches and magnets designed for various applications within elevator systems. These components are essential for safety and functionality. Discover Arkel Magnetic Switches & Magnets

3. When Was Arkel Established?

Arkel was established in 1998. Since its establishment, the company has been active in the elevator industry.

4. With Which Countries Does Arkel Do Business?

Arkel exports its products to various countries, including the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, and even destinations such as Australia. This allows the company to play a significant role in international markets.

5. What Awards Has Arkel Received?

Arkel has received numerous awards for the quality and innovation of its products. For instance, their integrated elevator control unit, "Arcode," has been honored with Red Dot design awards. Additionally, they won first place in their category at the technology awards competition organized by the Turkish Foundation for Technology Development (TTGV) and TÜBİTAK.

6. What Is Arkel's Strategy for New Products and Markets?

Arkel aims to increase its market share both domestically and internationally while prioritizing customer satisfaction. They also focus on innovation and continuously expand their user-friendly product range. These strategies are part of their goal to become an international company.

7. How Has Arkel's Historical Development Progressed?

Throughout its history, Arkel has consistently emphasized research and development, production, quality, sales, and after-sales services, leading to continuous self-renewal and growth. In 2005, they took a significant step by designing and manufacturing Turkey's first domestic elevator motor driver, and in 2016, they reshaped their corporate structure to become a global player.

8. What Are Arkel's Most Notable Achievements?

Arkel has become a well-recognized brand in the global elevator industry. Their integrated elevator control unit, "Arcode," has garnered attention in industrial design awards. Additionally, winning first place in the technology awards competition organized by TÜBİTAK demonstrates their significant achievements in the technology sector.

9. Is Arkel Working on Sustainability and Environmentally Friendly Products?

Does Arkel engage in efforts related to sustainability and environmentally friendly products? Do they prioritize environmental awareness?

10. What Services Does Arkel Offer to Ensure Customer Satisfaction?

To ensure customer satisfaction, what services does Arkel provide? What approach do they take in areas such as after-sales support and customer relationship management?

Where is their office located?

Arkel Elevator Systems has its office located at "Eyüp Sultan Mah. Şah Cihan Cad. No:69 Sancaktepe/İstanbul 34885 TÜRKİYE". They also have an office in Vadodara, India.

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