Arkel ENCABIT Plus

Arkel ENCABIT Plus ADrive Encoder Interface. This is a special card for elevators. It helps the elevator know its speed and position. The card is:

  • Compatible with different systems like EnDat, SSI, and SinCos.
  • Easy to connect with its specific plugs.
  • Made for special motors in elevators.
  • Reliable, easy to use, and fits well with other parts.

If you have an elevator system and want it to work smoothly, this card can help!

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ENCABIT Plus ADrive Encoder Interface for Synchronous Motors

The Arkel ENCABIT Plus ADrive is a state-of-the-art encoder interface card meticulously designed for synchronous motors, primarily within elevator systems. This card ensures optimal performance, reliability, and compatibility by providing precise control over the elevator’s movement.

Key Features:

  • Interface Compatibility: Supports EnDat, SSI, and SinCos encoder interfaces.
  • Encoder Connection: Boasts both terminal blocks and a 15-pin D-SUB female socket, facilitating seamless connection to absolute encoder simulation outputs.
  • Power & Dimensions: Operates on a 24VDC voltage with compact dimensions of 35 x 108 x 173 mm.
  • Firmware Compatibility: Fully compatible with ADrive firmware version 3.0 and above.


  • Input: Comes equipped with 5 digital inputs.
  • Output: Provides 2 transistor outputs.

Advantages of Choosing Arkel ENCABIT Plus:

  1. Effortless Connection: Establish a quick and secure connection to absolute encoder simulation outputs.
  2. Versatile Connectivity: Its multiple digital inputs and transistor outputs cater to diverse elevator control system needs.
  3. Reliability: Crafted with superior quality materials and cutting-edge technology to guarantee consistent and dependable performance.
  4. User-Centric Design: Features a user-friendly interface, simplifying installation and operation and minimizing the need for external technical assistance.
  5. Optimized Compatibility: Specifically tailored for synchronous motors, it ensures flawless integration with various elevator control systems.

Model Information: ENCABIT Plus is marketed under the code 1001506 and the model name “Encabit.”

For those striving for excellence in elevator system performance, the Arkel ENCABIT Plus ADrive Encoder Interface is the solution. Elevate your system’s efficiency and reliability with this leading product.

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