Arkel KKLCD-A Landing Call & Indicator Unit

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KKLCD-A Arkel Landing Call & Indicator Unit is a high-quality elevator component designed to enhance the functionality and efficiency of elevator systems. At ISF Elevator Shop, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of elevator equipment and components, including the Arkel KKLCD-A, which is a standout product in our inventory.

1. Advanced Display Technology: The Arkel KKLCD-A features a 128×64 pixel LCD indicator with a 70×40 mm screen size. This advanced display technology ensures clear and precise information presentation for elevator users.

2. Landing Call Function: This unit is primarily designed for landing call purposes. It allows passengers on different floors to call the elevator to their desired level with ease and convenience.

3. Indicator Function: Beyond its landing call capability, the KKLCD-A also serves as an indicator, providing essential information to passengers about the elevator’s status, including its current position and direction of travel.

4. Compatibility: Arkel KKLCD-A is compatible with a wide range of elevator systems, making it a versatile choice for both new installations and elevator modernization projects.

5. User-Friendly Interface: The user interface on this unit is designed with passenger convenience in mind. It offers intuitive and easy-to-understand controls, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free elevator experience.

6. Reliability: ISF Elevator Shop stands behind the Arkel brand for its reliability and durability. You can trust this product to perform consistently over time, reducing maintenance costs and elevator downtime.

7. Sleek Design: The KKLCD-A is not just a functional component; it also boasts a sleek and modern design that can enhance the aesthetics of your elevator cabin.

In summary, the Arkel KKLCD-A Landing Call & Indicator Unit is a vital component in modern elevator systems. It combines advanced technology, user-friendliness, and reliability to ensure a seamless elevator experience for passengers. If you’re looking to improve your elevator system or embark on a new elevator installation project, consider the Arkel KKLCD-A as a top choice for landing call and indicator functionality.

For more detailed technical specifications and information about pricing and availability, please visit our official website ISF Elevator Shop or contact our team at We are committed to providing the highest quality elevator products and components to meet your specific needs.


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