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Discover top-of-the-line Arkel LCD Indicators at ISF Elevator Shop – your trusted source for advanced elevator solutions. Specializing in elevator technology since 1973, we offer a diverse range of Arkel LCD models including LCD240X128, BC-LCD 10555, 2X Dotmatrix, 3X Dotmatrix, KKBT, and BC-LCDA. Perfect for modernizing elevators, our LCD indicators enhance passenger experience with clear, informative displays. Experience German engineering excellence with energy-efficient, easy-to-install, and versatile indicators. Embrace innovation and style in your elevator systems with our affordable, high-quality products. Visit for durable, reliable elevator components backed by a 12-month warranty. Elevate your space with ISF Elevator Shop – where quality and affordability meet.

Arkel "LCD Indicators" are a quintessential part of modern elevator systems, embodying both functionality and aesthetic appeal. As a product of Arkel, a renowned manufacturer in the realm of elevator technology, these indicators are not just mere components; they are a testament to the company's commitment to quality and innovation. Specializing in elevator control cards, control panels, emergency rescue systems, and VVVF drives, Arkel integrates cutting-edge technology into each of its products, ensuring reliability and efficiency.

At ISF Elevator Shop, we are proud to offer a range of Arkel LCD Indicators, each designed to meet diverse needs and preferences. Let's delve into the specifics of these models:

  1. LCD240X128: This model stands out with its high-resolution display, providing clear and comprehensive information. It's perfect for modern elevators requiring a sleek, informative interface for passengers.
  2. BC-LCD 10555: Tailored for user-friendliness, the BC-LCD 10555 combines simplicity and functionality. Its design ensures that essential information is communicated effectively to all passengers.
  3. 2X Dotmatrix and 3X Dotmatrix: These models are the epitome of versatility, catering to a range of design specifications. Their dot matrix displays offer a classic look while maintaining high readability.
  4. KKBT: The KKBT model is distinguished by its robustness and reliability. Designed for elevators that see heavy usage, it provides consistent performance without compromising on display quality.
  5. BC-LCDA: This model is a blend of modern design and technological sophistication. It's ideal for high-end installations where aesthetic appeal is as important as functionality.

Each of these models incorporates key features such as energy efficiency, ease of installation, and compatibility with various elevator systems. They are designed not only to display floor numbers and elevator directions but also to enhance the overall passenger experience with additional information like weather, news, or custom messages.

At ISF Elevator Shop, we understand the importance of quality and affordability. Therefore, we offer these good quality Arkel LCD Indicators at affordable prices, ensuring that our customers receive the best value for their investment. Our products, including the Arkel Elevator Systems line, are backed by our commitment to excellence and a warranty period of 12 months. For more information or to make a purchase, visit us at ISF Elevator Shop. Remember, when it comes to elevating your building's functionality and style, Arkel LCD Indicators are a choice you can trust.