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Arkel’s “Cables & Wiring” range for elevators encompasses a variety of cables and wiring solutions specifically designed for elevator control panels and related components.

Arkel Elevator Cables & Wiring: Elevator System Connectivity Solutions

Arkel Elevator Cables & Wiring represent a specialized range of cables and wiring solutions meticulously designed for Arkel elevator systems. These components play a crucial role in ensuring seamless signal transmission and power distribution among various elements within the elevator system.

Our product line includes tailored solutions for different applications within elevator systems:

  1. Button Cables: These short cables establish a connection between elevator buttons and the control system, allowing users to communicate their desired floor selections.
  2. Main Line Cables: Longer cables that serve as the data communication backbone for the elevator system, linking components such as the control panel, motor controller, and safety devices.
  3. Power Cables: These cables supply electrical power to the elevator system, energizing the motor, electronics, and other essential components.
  4. Communication Cables: Facilitating communication between different elevator systems, such as between the main control panel and remote slave panels.

Arkel Elevator Cables & Wiring are manufactured using premium materials, subjected to rigorous testing to ensure durability, reliability, and compliance with international safety standards. Designed to withstand the demanding environments of elevator operations, these cables guarantee long-lasting performance and safety.

Key Features of Arkel Elevator Cables & Wiring:

  • Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials to endure the challenges of elevator operations.
  • Reliable Performance: Engineered for consistent and reliable signal transmission and power delivery.
  • Safety Certification: Compliant with global safety standards for elevator cables and wiring.
  • Easy Installation: Designed for straightforward installation and maintenance.

Explore our product offerings available at ISF Elevator Shop:

Arkel KBL-ACOP ARL-700 and ARCODE COP Cable 5m. (Connection Between COP and Inspection Box) at ISF Elevator Shop

  • Arkel KBL-ACOP Cable 5m.

Button Cables:

  • Arkel KBL-BT0 Button Cable 5cm
  • Arkel KBL-BT1 Button Cable 15cm
  • Arkel KBL-BT2 Button Cable 50cm (Two End With Female Connectors)
  • Arkel KBL-BT3 Button Cable 100cm (Two End With Female Connectors)
  • Arkel KBL-BT4 Button Cable 150cm (Two End With Female Connectors)
  • Arkel KBL-BT5 Button Cable 200cm (Two End With Female Connectors)
  • Arkel KBL-BT6 Button Cable 300cm (Double Female Connector) - Double Insulated

Can-bus Cables:

  • Arkel KBL-CBl2 Can-bus Cable 2 m. (For Connec. From Main Line to Landings with 2.5 mm Con.)
  • Arkel KBL-CBK10 Can-bus Cable 10 m.
  • Arkel 02 1002485 KBL-CBK3 Can-bus Cable 3.3 m. (Main Line - 3.96 mm connector)

Other Accessories:

  • Arkel KBL-CBT Can-bus Line Terminator
  • Arkel KBL-D1C-T Door Contacts Line Terminator
  • Arkel KBL-D3C-T Door Contacts Line Terminator
  • Arkel KXCBA Can-bus Junction
  • Arkel KXDUB Duplex Button Connector 600V (Left view)

Ensure the smooth, efficient, and reliable operation of your elevator systems for years to come with Arkel Elevator Cables & Wiring, available at ISF Elevator Shop.