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Discover the finest CAN-BUS cables and accessories for your modern elevator systems. Shop online at ISF Elevator Shop now and elevate your elevator communication!

ISF Elevator Shop: Elevator Communication's Gold Standard with CAN-BUS Cables

Welcome to ISF Elevator Shop, the one-stop destination for all your elevator system needs. Our "Cables & Wiring" category boasts a diverse range of products, with the "Can-buscable" segment shining as a beacon of our dedication to quality and efficiency.

Understanding CAN-BUS Cables

CAN-BUS, standing for Controller Area Network, isn't about buses that carry passengers. Instead, it's a communication protocol designed for swift digital information transfer. These cables play a pivotal role in ensuring rapid and flawless communication between various components of an elevator control system. By facilitating simultaneous data exchange, CAN-BUS cables are indispensable in modern lift designs, ensuring that lift operate smoothly and efficiently.

Arkel CAN-BUS Cable

Our ARKEL KBL-CBK10 Can-bus Cable isn't just another piece of wire. It's a meticulously designed component for elevator control systems. Here's why it's exceptional:

  • Long Distance Communication: At 10 meters, it's perfect for covering vast areas, typically forming the elevator's main line.
  • Swift Data Transfer: Leveraging CAN-BUS technology, it promises efficient data transmission.
  • 3.96 mm Connector: Ensuring compatibility with most elevator components, this feature simplifies the installation process.
  • Durability: With ARKEL's stamp of quality, expect longevity and consistent performance.

Key Benefits of CAN-BUS Cable for Lift:

  • Efficient Communication: Eliminate communication delays. This cable guarantees prompt and error-free communication between lift components.
  • Hassle-free Installation: The 3.96 mm connector ensures a straightforward setup.
  • Built to Last: Durability is a given, promising long-term performance.


  • Why is the CAN-BUS cable crucial?
    It's the bridge ensuring effective communication between elevator components, pivotal for smooth elevator operations.
  • How long is the ARKEL KBL-CBK10 CAN-BUS Cable?
    It spans 10 meters, typically forming the main line in elevators.
  • What's the connector's size?
    A 3.96 mm connector ensures easy integration with most elevator components.

Diving Deeper: CAN-BUS Cables and Accessories at ISF Elevator Shop

Our commitment to quality is evident in our diverse range of CAN-BUS products:

  1. Arkel KBL-CBI2 Cable 2 m.
    • Code: 1001545
    • Description: Ideal for connections from the main line to landings, this 2-meter cable comes with a 2.5 mm connector.
    • Price: 3,50 €
  2. Arkel KBL-CBK3 Cable 3.3 m.
    • Code: 1002485
    • Description: A 3.3-meter main line cable equipped with a 3.96 mm connector.
    • Price: 9,00 €
  3. Arkel KBL-CBK10 Cable 10 m.
    • Code: 1001546
    • Description: The star of our collection, this 10-meter cable with a 3.96 mm connector, ensures seamless communication.
    • Price: 23,00 €
  4. Arkel KBL-CBT Can-bus Line Terminator
    • Code: 1001695
    • Description: Essential for any CAN-BUS system, it prevents signal reflections, ensuring interference-free communication.
  5. Arkel KXCBA Can-bus Junction
    • Code: 1001398
    • Description: Perfect for complex setups requiring multiple line intersections.
    • Price: 3,00 €

Why ISF Elevator Shop for CAN-BUS Cables?

CAN-BUS cables are the lifeline of modern elevator communication systems. They ensure seamless communication between elevator components. At ISF Elevator Shop, we offer tailored CAN-BUS cables and accessories to cater to diverse elevator setups. Whether it's a short cable for landings or a main line, we've got it all.

For those unfamiliar with elevator systems, CAN-BUS cables might seem trivial. However, their role in ensuring efficient communication is paramount. So, the next time you're in an elevator, appreciate the intricate network of CAN-BUS cables behind its smooth operation.

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