Arkel AREM Mobile Bluetooth Transmitter

  • Wireless Ease: Elevate your control with wireless convenience.
  • Swift Parameter Adjustments: Effortlessly fine-tune settings on-the-go.
  • Share with Ease: Share elevator parameters seamlessly via WhatsApp and email. •
  • Crystal-Clear Visualization: Get a clear view of even the finest details.
  • Quick and Reliable Updates: Stay up-to-date with fast, reliable system updates.
  • ARCODE Harmony: Seamlessly integrates with ARCODE systems.
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Arkel AREM Mobile is a cutting-edge Bluetooth transmitter designed for seamless management of elevator controllers. This innovative product is specifically crafted to work in perfect harmony with Arkel control devices.

It serves as a mobile application accessory, empowering users to effortlessly adjust and update elevator system parameters using their mobile devices. With Arkel AREM Mobile, you can experience swift and reliable control of device parameters, system updates, and activations, all through a wireless connection.

AREM Mobile Features

  • Ease of Use: Arkel AREM Mobile ensures a user-friendly experience, compatible with smartphones and tablets, allowing users to complete tasks faster and more efficiently.
  • Wireless and Portable: This product is not tethered by wires, making it easily portable and usable virtually anywhere thanks to its wireless functionality.
  • Parameter Sharing: Arkel AREM Mobile supports hassle-free parameter sharing via popular platforms like WhatsApp and email.
  • Powerful Visuals: Enjoy the ability to view even the smallest details with the aid of powerful visuals.
  • Quick and Reliable Updates: It allows for swift and dependable updates for all units simultaneously, streamlining your elevator system management.
  • ARCODE Compatible: Seamless compatibility with ARCODE systems ensures a smooth and integrated elevator control experience.

Arkel AREM Mobile Benefits and Key Points

  1. Mobile Convenience: The Arem Mobile accessory provides you the convenience of uploading, backing up, and swiftly installing system parameters using a Bluetooth connection from your mobile device.
  2. Different Access Modes: Arkel AREM Mobile offers three distinct levels of user access modes – Guest, Maintenance, and Installation. This feature enables parameter restrictions tailored to different users of the elevator system.
  3. Available on App Stores: The Arem Mobile application is readily available on Google Play, and it will soon be accessible on the App Store, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of mobile devices.

Applications and Use Cases:

  • Arkel AREM Mobile is ideal for modernizing and enhancing the functionality of elevator systems in residential and commercial buildings.
  • It is widely used by maintenance professionals to streamline parameter adjustments and updates in elevators.
  • Facility managers can benefit from the convenience of AREM Mobile for efficient system management.
  • Elevator technicians and installers find it invaluable for quick and reliable elevator system activations.
  • Building owners and operators trust AREM Mobile for its compatibility with ARCODE systems.
  • Property developers rely on Arkel AREM Mobile to ensure the smooth operation of elevators in their projects.

FAQ about AREM Mobile

How do I use Arkel AREM Mobile?

Arkel AREM Mobile is used through a dedicated mobile application. The application empowers users to control device parameters, perform system updates, and activate the elevator system with ease.

On which platforms can Arkel AREM Mobile be used?

AREM Mobile is currently available on Google Play and is set to be available on the App Store soon, ensuring compatibility with both Android and iOS devices.

Which systems is AREM Mobile compatible with?

AREM Mobile is seamlessly compatible with ARCODE systems, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient elevator control experience.

How can parameter sharing be done with Arkel AREM Mobile?

Parameter sharing is a breeze with the AREM Mobile application, which facilitates sharing through popular platforms such as WhatsApp and email.

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