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ARCODE System: Elevating Innovation in the Lift Industry

The Common Peripheral Units are a set of essential components designed to seamlessly integrate with the ARCODE system, enhancing its functionality and user experience. These units are crafted to meet the diverse needs of users, ensuring efficient and reliable operation of the ARCODE lift system.

AREM Handset for ARL-500 and ARCODE

The AREM Handset is a state-of-the-art programming tool designed specifically for the ARCODE system. It is compatible with both ARL-500 and ARCODE configurations, offering a seamless programming experience.

  • User Accessibility Modes:
    • Guest Mode: Allows basic interaction and limited control.
    • Maintenance Mode: Provides advanced settings for routine checks and system upkeep.
    • Installment Mode: Grants full access for initial setup and configuration.

LIFT MEDIA-S 115.2x86.4 mm TFT Indicator (CANBus Connection)

The LIFT MEDIA-S TFT Indicator is a cutting-edge peripheral unit of the ARCODE system. With its crisp 115.2x86.4 mm display and CANBus connection, it provides real-time updates and vital information at a glance.

  • Features:
    • High-resolution display for clear and vibrant visuals.
    • CANBus connection for reliable and fast data transmission.
    • User-friendly interface designed for ease of use.

AREM Mobile Bluetooth Transmitter

The AREM Mobile Bluetooth Transmitter is a key peripheral unit of the ARCODE system. It enables fast and reliable system updates via the AREM platform, ensuring that your lift system is always operating at peak performance.

  • One-Time Update Feature:
    • Simplifies the update process, making it quick and hassle-free.
    • Ensures that the system is always running the latest and most secure version.

The Common Peripheral Units are integral to the ARCODE system, a breakthrough product in the lift industry. From the versatile AREM Handset to the informative LIFT MEDIA-S TFT Indicator and the efficient AREM Mobile Bluetooth Transmitter, these peripherals are designed to bring convenience, control, and innovation to every lift system they are part of.