Arkel ADrive 4B055 5,5 kW VVVF Inverter

  • Product Code: 1001479
  • Model No: 4B055
  • Description: Arkel ADrive 4B055 400V 5,5 kW 14A VVVF Inverter (Variable Voltage Variable Frequency Speed Control Unit).

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Arkel ADrive 4B055 400V 5,5 kW 14 A VVVF Inverter (VVVF Speed Control Device)

Upgrade your elevator’s performance with the Arkel ADrive 4B055 400V 5.5 kW 14A VVVF Inverter (Variable Voltage Variable Frequency Speed Control Unit). Elevate your elevator experience – purchase now at ISF Elevator Shop!

  • Product Code: 1001479
  • Model: ADrive 4B055
  • Voltage: 400V
  • Motor Power: 5.5 kW
  • Current: 14 A

Arkel ADrive Motor Drive is your reliable and high-performance solution for elevator projects. It boasts a unique design and advanced features that set it apart. With the product code “1001479” and model “ADrive 4B055,” this drive guarantees exceptional performance.

Arkel ADrive 4B055 5.5 kW Features and Benefits:

  1. High-Performance Speed Control: The Arkel ADrive ensures smooth elevator operation with superior speed control. It provides high starting and driving torque for seamless movement.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Thanks to vector control, the Arkel ADrive optimizes your elevator’s energy consumption. This leads to significant cost savings on energy bills and contributes to environmental sustainability.
  3. Environmentally Friendly Design: Arkel ADrive promotes energy efficiency through its built-in DC reactor and low-noise fans. Its silent operation not only conserves energy but also enhances user comfort.
  4. Flexible Compatibility and Integration: This motor drive is versatile, compatible with both asynchronous and synchronous motors. It seamlessly integrates into various elevator types, offering adaptability for your projects.
  5. Advanced Safety and Protection: Safety is paramount. The Arkel ADrive safeguards your elevators by detecting potential hazards such as overload, short circuits, and low voltage. It ensures the highest level of safety and a hassle-free user experience.
  6. User-Friendly Interface and Language Options: Arkel ADrive boasts a user-friendly interface with multiple language options, including Turkish, English, and French. Easily navigate specific elevator menus for your convenience.

The Arkel ADrive Motor Drive plays a pivotal role in your elevator projects, providing powerful performance, energy efficiency, and advanced safety features. With the product code “1001479” and model “ADrive 4B055,” you can rely on its efficiency and reliability. For comprehensive information and to place your order, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Elevate your elevators with Arkel ADrive 4B055 400V 5.5 kW 14 A – the trusted choice for superior performance and efficiency in elevator systems. Purchase yours today at ISF Elevator Shop!


8 kg


38 × 30 × 23 cm


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