Elevator UPS RD-1500 60V Arkel Stable Power Supply

  • Voltage: 60V
  • Model: Elevator UPS RD-1500
  • Brand: Arkel
  • Application: Industrial, Elevator Control Systems
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Benefits: Energy efficiency, reliability, and safe operation of elevator systems
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Elevator UPS RD-1500 60V is an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) designed for industrial applications, especially elevator or lift control systems. It ensures the continuous operation of critical systems in the event of a power outage.

Elevator UPS RD-1500 60V Product Specifications

Feature Description
Product Name  Elevator or lift UPS RD-1500 60V
Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 24 cm (length) × 9 cm (width) × 20 cm (height)

Overview: Arkel Elevator UPS RD-1500 60V is a compact and lightweight uninterruptible power supply (UPS) designed for various applications. Below are the key specifications for someone unfamiliar with the product:

  1. Weight: The UPS has a weight of 1.8 kg, making it easily portable and suitable for different setups.
  2. Dimensions: The dimensions of the UPS are 24 cm in length, 9 cm in width, and 20 cm in height. These compact dimensions ensure that the device can fit into tight spaces and is versatile for diverse installations.
  3. Purpose: The RD-1500 60V model is designed to provide uninterrupted power supply, ensuring continuous operation of connected devices during power outages or fluctuations.
  4. Voltage Compatibility: This UPS model is optimized for 60V applications, catering to specific voltage requirements for various electronic equipment.
  5. Portability: With its lightweight build and compact dimensions, the Arkel Elevator UPS is easily portable, suitable for both home and office use.
  6. Applications: Ideal for use in elevators, the UPS ensures that elevator systems continue to function smoothly even during power interruptions, prioritizing passenger safety and convenience.
  7. Build Quality: The UPS is crafted with quality materials, providing durability and reliability in ensuring a stable power supply for connected devices.
  8. User-Friendly Design: The design of the UPS is user-friendly, with simple controls and indicators for easy monitoring and operation.

Arkel Elevator UPS  RD 1500 60V Features

  • High Capacity: With a capacity of 1500 / 60V, this product can meet even the most intense electricity demands.
  • Advanced Technology: The uninterrupted power source feature ensures that your elevator control system keeps working even in case of power outages.
  • Reliable Brand: ARKEL is a trusted brand in the field of elevator control systems and industrial applications.
  • Durable Design: This UPS maintains industry-standard quality and durability.

Arkel UPS 1500 60V Benefits and Key Points

  • Your elevator control systems will continue to operate even during power outages thanks to the uninterrupted power supply.
  • ARKEL UPS / 1500 60V is known for its energy efficiency and reliability.
  • It ensures the safe and efficient operation of your elevator control systems.
  • With its advanced technology, it assists you in meeting your energy needs.

What is an elevator UPS?

An elevator UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is a specialized power backup system designed to ensure the continuous and uninterrupted operation of elevators or lifts during power outages or fluctuations. This device falls into the category of online UPS, and it typically consists of three main components: a charger, batteries, and an inverter.

Here’s how an elevator UPS typically works:

  1. Power Source: The elevator UPS is connected to the main power supply, usually a three-phase power source.
  2. Charging Mode: During normal operation when the main power supply is available, the elevator UPS simultaneously powers the elevator and charges its batteries.
  3. Battery Backup: In the event of a power outage or disruption, the elevator UPS automatically switches to battery mode. The stored energy in the batteries is then used to power the elevator, ensuring continuity of operation.
  4. Automatic Transition: Once the main power supply is restored, the elevator UPS seamlessly transfers the elevator back to the primary power source. During this transition, it continues to charge the batteries to be prepared for any future power interruptions.
  5. Minimal Transition Time: The transition phase between the failure of the main power and the switch to the backup power typically lasts only a few milliseconds (around 15 to 20 milliseconds). This swift transition ensures that there is minimal disruption to the elevator’s operation.

The primary purpose of an elevator UPS is to provide a reliable and constant power source for elevators, preventing inconvenience, delays, and potential safety issues that may arise during power outages. Elevator UPS systems are tailored to meet the specific power requirements and operational characteristics of elevators, and they play a crucial role in various settings, including commercial buildings, residential complexes, industrial facilities, and more.

How does an elevator UPS operate?

An elevator UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) operates through a seamless and automatic process to ensure uninterrupted power for elevators during power outages. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

  1. Normal Operation: Under normal conditions, the elevator UPS is connected to the main power supply, typically a three-phase source. During this time, the UPS powers the elevator while simultaneously charging its batteries.
  2. Power Outage Detection: In the event of a power outage or disruption, the elevator UPS detects the loss of the main power supply.
  3. Automatic Switch to Battery Mode: Upon detecting a power outage, the elevator UPS instantly activates the battery mode. This mode allows the UPS to draw power from the stored energy in its batteries.
  4. Three-Way Output: The elevator UPS generates a three-way output from its batteries, ensuring a continuous power supply to the connected loads, including the elevator. This output is crucial for maintaining uninterrupted operation.
  5. Power Supply during Outage: The elevator continues to operate using the power supplied by the batteries, allowing passengers to complete their journeys without interruption.
  6. Automatic Reversion to Main Power: Once the main power supply is restored, the elevator UPS seamlessly switches the elevator back to the primary source. This transition is automatic and rapid.
  7. Battery Recharging: Simultaneously with the switch to the main power source, the elevator UPS begins recharging its batteries. This ensures that the batteries are replenished and ready for the next potential power outage.
  8. Swift Transition Time: The transition phase from the failure of the main power to the switch to the backup power lasts only around 15 to 20 milliseconds. This brief time span ensures a swift and nearly imperceptible transfer, minimizing any disruption to the elevator’s operation.

Applications of Elevator UPS?

Elevator UPS systems find applications in various settings, offering reliable and uninterrupted power backup for elevators and lifts. Some notable applications include:

  1. Commercial Buildings: Elevator UPS units are commonly used in commercial buildings such as offices, shopping malls, and hotels to ensure smooth and continuous elevator operation even during power outages. This helps maintain a seamless experience for customers and visitors.
  2. Industrial Facilities: In industrial settings where elevators are essential for vertical transportation of goods and personnel, elevator UPS systems play a crucial role in preventing disruptions caused by power fluctuations or failures.
  3. Residential Complexes: Elevator UPS solutions are increasingly being employed in residential buildings to enhance the safety and convenience of residents. They ensure that elevators continue to function during power interruptions, preventing inconvenience or potential safety issues.
  4. Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities: Elevators in hospitals are critical for the quick and efficient movement of patients, staff, and medical equipment. Elevator UPS systems provide a reliable power source, ensuring uninterrupted service, especially during emergencies.
  5. Transportation Hubs: Elevators in transportation hubs such as airports and train stations are vital for the movement of passengers and luggage. Elevator UPS units contribute to maintaining operational efficiency by offering backup power during unforeseen electrical disruptions.
  6. High-Rise Buildings: In tall structures where elevators are indispensable for vertical mobility, elevator UPS systems help prevent inconvenience and potential safety hazards by ensuring continuous operation, even in the event of a power outage.
  7. Data Centers and IT Facilities: Elevator UPS units may also be used in data centers and IT facilities where the smooth functioning of elevators is crucial for transporting equipment and personnel, contributing to overall operational efficiency.
  8. Educational Institutions: Elevator UPS systems can be installed in educational institutions to ensure that students, faculty, and staff can access different floors without disruption, promoting a safe and efficient learning environment.

What is ARKEL Elevator UPS / 1500 60V?

Arkel Elevator Systems is a company that specializes in providing products and solutions for the lift industry. They have been gaining trust and recognition since 1998. Let’s delve into the details:

  1. ARCODE: This innovative product has broken new grounds in its sector. ARCODE is an integrated lift control unit that combines a VVVF driver, control unit, and bring-to-floor systems. It’s designed with safety and durability in mind, making it a reliable solution for elevators.
  2. ARCUBE: ARCUBE offers serial or parallel connection options with LOP’s (Landing Operating Panels) and COP’s (Car Operating Panels). It’s compatible with ARCODE and features magnetic switches or motor encoders. ARCUBE comes in various power ratings, from 4 kW (10A) to 11 kW (26A), and includes rollback prevention features during elevator start-up.
  3. UPS 1500: Arkel also provides UPS systems. The ARKEL UPS 1500 is designed to provide uninterrupted power supply. While it’s primarily aimed at elevator companies, it serves as a reliable backup power source during emergencies. Please note that this UPS is specifically for elevator applications.

Arkel’s expertise extends to elevator control cards, control panels, emergency rescue systems, R&D, engineering services, and integrated elevator control unit manufacturing. They continue to drive innovation in the lift industry, ensuring safety and efficiency for passengers and cargo alike.

The capacity of this product is 1500 60V. This is sufficient to meet even large energy demands.

Why is Elevator UPS 1500 60V important?

This product ensures the uninterrupted operation of elevator control systems even during power outages. This ensures the safe and effective operation of elevators and other critical systems.

Weight 1,8 kg
Dimensions 24 × 9 × 20 cm



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