REVBA Arkel Connection Card For Inspection Box (CEGA Inclusive)

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Arkel REVBA Connection Card Overview

Elevators are intricate systems requiring precise control and safety mechanisms. The Arkel REVBA Connection Card is a specialized component designed to interface with inspection boxes in elevator systems. Engineered by CEGA Inclusive, this card plays a vital role in ensuring the efficient and safe operation of elevators.

REVBA Key Features

Robust Integration: The card is built to facilitate a seamless connection between the elevator’s control units and the inspection box. This integration allows for streamlined diagnostics and monitoring, crucial for maintenance and safety checks.

Diverse Connectivity Options: Equipped with multiple terminal blocks in different colors (orange, blue, green), it provides distinct and organized connection points for various input/output requirements. This color-coding aids in quick identification and reduces the risk of wiring errors.

Flexibility and Compatibility: The card’s layout is designed to be adaptable, accommodating a range of elevator models and configurations. The inclusion of a ribbon cable connector exemplifies its versatility, allowing for easy attachment to other system components.

Sturdy Construction: With a compact and durable design, the card is built to withstand the mechanical stresses typically found in elevator environments. Its solid-state components are selected for their reliability and long service life.

User-Friendly Interface: Clearly labeled connectors and a logical layout make the card user-friendly, simplifying the process of installation and maintenance for technicians.

REVBA Technical Specifications

Communication: The card supports various communication protocols, ensuring that it can transmit and receive signals effectively in a multi-component elevator system.

Power Handling: It is designed to handle the electrical loads typical in elevator operations, with appropriate safety margins and surge protection.

Mounting Configuration: The card’s form factor is compatible with standard mounting arrangements found in inspection boxes, making it a universal solution for modernization or retrofitting projects.

Environmental Resistance: Constructed with materials resistant to common environmental factors such as humidity and temperature fluctuations, the card is durable in various operating conditions.

REVBA Practical Applications

Maintenance and Inspection: The card is indispensable during elevator maintenance, providing technicians with direct access to control signals and system status.

Safety Enhancements: It contributes to elevator safety by ensuring that control signals are accurately relayed, reducing the likelihood of malfunctions.

Upgrades and Retrofits: For elevator systems undergoing upgrades, the REVBA Connection Card is a key component in updating the inspection box interfaces, allowing older systems to benefit from newer technologies.

Troubleshooting: The organized and accessible design of the card makes it an excellent tool for troubleshooting, allowing technicians to pinpoint issues rapidly.


The Arkel REVBA Connection Card by CEGA Inc. represents a significant advancement in elevator technology, offering reliability, ease of use, and a high degree of integration for elevator systems. Its design and functionality make it an essential component for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of elevators worldwide.

REVBA + CEGA Arkel Control Cart for Elevator Systems

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