Arkel MSP-32 (32 Stops)

Bullet Point List:

  • Model No: MSP 32
  • Description: Arkel MSP 32 Parallel Communication Board for Elevator Control Systems


  • Efficient Call Collection from Multiple Landings
  • Precise Floor Control with LED Displays
  • MSP-16 and MSP-32 Control Options
  • Seamless Canbus Integration
  • Compact Dimensions and Lightweight Design
  • Wide Voltage Range and Low Power Consumption
  • Suitable for Elevators with 10-16 Floors
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Arkel MSP 32 Parallel Comm. Board 32 Stops (ARL-700 & ARCODE)

The Arkel MSP 32 Parallel Communication Board is an essential component in modern elevator control systems, designed to enhance the efficiency and functionality of elevators with up to 32 stops. It is specifically tailored for systems that have 16 floors or fewer. Here’s an in-depth look at its features and capabilities:

Arkel MSP 32 Functionality:

  • Call Collection: The MSP 32 board acts as a call card, responsible for collecting calls originating from various landings within the building.
  • Floor Control: It is equipped to manage call LEDs and displays, including direction and floor number information. This ensures passengers receive clear and accurate information during their elevator journey.

Arkel MSP 32 Control Options:

  • MSP-16 and MSP-32: The landing calls can be controlled using either the MSP-16 board for up to 16 floors with a single button or up to 9 floors with a double button. Alternatively, the MSP-32 board is suitable for up to 16 floors with a double button configuration.

MSP 32 Communication Protocol:

  • Canbus Integration: These boards seamlessly communicate with the ARL-700 controller board over a Canbus line. This integration allows for efficient and coordinated elevator operations.

Arkel MSP 32Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: The MSP-32 board measures 165 x 120 × 52 mm, making it compact and easy to integrate into elevator control systems.
  • Weight: It weighs 257 grams, ensuring it does not add excessive load to the elevator control panel.
  • Voltage: The board operates on a supply voltage of 24VDC, with a range of 18-30VDC.
  • Power Consumption: It consumes 1.7W at 24V in standby mode and 5.8W at 24V at maximum power consumption.
  • Inputs and Outputs: The MSP-32 board features 32 call inputs and LED outputs, making it suitable for elevators with a double-button configuration for 10-16 floors, including collective control.

Arkel MSP 32 Integration with ARCODE:

  • ARCODE Compatibility: The Arkel MSP 32 Parallel Comm. Board is designed to work seamlessly with the ARCODE, an integrated lift control unit.
  • EN81-20/21 Compliance: The ARL-700 controller board, when combined with the ARCODE, is compliant with the EN81-20/21 norms, ensuring that the elevator meets safety and regulatory standards, especially for traction lifts.
  • Hydraulic Elevators: Additionally, with the inclusion of the HSR board, it becomes possible to use the ARCODE and ARL-700 controller board with hydraulic elevators, expanding its versatility.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Arkel MSP 32 Parallel Communication Board?

The Arkel MSP 32 Parallel Communication Board serves as a vital component in modern elevator control systems. It efficiently collects calls from multiple landings, enhancing the overall functionality of elevators.

How many floors can be controlled using MSP-16 and MSP-32 options?

The MSP-16 board is designed for elevators with up to 16 floors and can be configured for single-button control. In contrast, the MSP-32 board is suitable for elevators with up to 16 floors and is configured for double-button control.

What is Canbus integration, and how does it benefit elevator operations?

Canbus integration is a technology that enables seamless communication between the Arkel MSP 32 board and the ARL-700 controller board. This integration ensures efficient and coordinated elevator operations, contributing to smoother rides and improved passenger experiences.

Is the Arkel MSP 32 suitable for hydraulic elevators?

Yes, the Arkel MSP 32 Parallel Communication Board can be used with hydraulic elevators when equipped with the HSR board. This versatility makes it a valuable choice for various elevator types and configurations.

In summary, the Arkel MSP 32 Parallel Comm. Board is a sophisticated component that plays a crucial role in elevator control systems. Its ability to efficiently collect and manage calls from landings, control displays and LEDs, and integrate seamlessly with the ARCODE makes it an excellent choice for elevators with up to 32 floors. Furthermore, its compliance with safety standards ensures the reliability and safety of elevator operations, making it a valuable addition to any modern elevator system.

For more details and to explore how the Arkel MSP 32 Parallel Comm. Board can enhance your elevator system’s performance, please visit our website ISF Elevator Shop or contact us at Our team of experts is ready to assist you with any inquiries and provide personalized solutions for your elevator needs.


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