Arkel CPC Call Control Unit

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  • Description: Arkel CPC Car Call Control Unit (ARCODE Serial) – Elevator Cabin Controller
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Arkel CPC Car Call Control Unit (ARCODE Serial)

The Arkel CPC Car Call Control Unit (ARCODE Serial), commonly known as the CPC Cabin Controller, serves as a vital component within elevator systems. Its primary role is to function as an elevator control card component, specifically designed to operate various functions within the cabin cassette effectively. This controller card seamlessly communicates with the over-cabin controller, thereby assuming control over all functions within the cabin cassette, ensuring the smooth operation of the elevator.

Features of Arkel CPC:

  • Call Button Handling: The CPC Cabin Controller expertly receives signals from call buttons situated within the cabin and efficiently transmits these signals to the over-cabin controller. Subsequently, the over-cabin controller calculates the intended floor and orchestrates the elevator motors accordingly.
  • Door Control: With precision, the CPC Cabin Controller manages the cabin door’s opening and closing sequences. Additionally, it diligently monitors the status of door safety switches, promptly transmitting any irregularities to the over-cabin controller for immediate action.
  • Emergency Stop: The CPC Cabin Controller maintains a vigilant watch over the emergency stop button within the cabin. In the event of an emergency, engaging this button triggers an immediate response from the CPC Cabin Controller, swiftly halting the elevator car.
  • Cabin Lighting and Fan Control: This versatile component assumes command over cabin lighting and fan systems. Moreover, it continuously monitors the operational status of these elements, providing real-time feedback to the over-cabin controller.
  • Door Lock Control: Ensuring passengers’ safety, the CPC Cabin Controller skillfully manages the cabin door locks. It ensures that the door locks engage while the elevator is in motion and releases them once the elevator reaches its designated floor.

Benefits and Important Points of Arkel CPC:

  • Enhanced Safety: The CPC Cabin Controller stands as a critical element in maintaining passenger safety and facilitating swift evacuations during emergency situations.
  • Improved Efficiency: Lift operations become faster and more efficient, resulting in minimized waiting times for passengers.
  • Adaptability: Designed to seamlessly integrate with various elevator models and configurations, the CPC Cabin Controller is highly adaptable to diverse lift systems.
  • Reliability: Crafted from high-quality materials, the CPC Cabin Controller boasts longevity and requires minimal maintenance, ensuring consistent performance.

Key Takeaways for Users of Arkel CPC:

  • The Arkel CPC Car Call Control Unit (ARCODE Serial), known as the CPC Cabin Controller, is instrumental in ensuring the secure and efficient operation of elevator systems.
  • This control unit adeptly manages all functions within the elevator cabin and maintains seamless communication with the over-cabin controller, thereby contributing to the elevator’s flawless performance.

FAQ about Arkel CPC Car Call Control Unit (ARCODE Serial)

How is the CPC Cabin Controller installed?

Typically, the CPC Cabin Controller is integrated into the elevator system, with installation instructions provided along with the product.

How does the Arkel CPC Cabin Controller control cabin lighting?

A: The CPC Cabin Controller has the capability to control the activation and deactivation of cabin lighting. Additionally, it monitors the status of these lights and promptly reports any issues to the over-cabin controller.

When and how is the emergency stop button used?

A: The emergency stop button is utilized in urgent situations to immediately halt the elevator. When pressed, the CPC Cabin Controller responds swiftly, ensuring passenger safety and facilitating emergency procedures.


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