Arkel KDB Pit Connection Board (EN81-20)

  • Compliance with Safety Standards: Fully adheres to the EN81-20 standard, ensuring top-tier safety in elevator systems.
  • Integral Component of Arkel ARCODE System: Designed as a part of the modular and flexible Arkel ARCODE elevator control system.
  • Central Control Functionality: Manages essential elevator components at the pit bottom, such as emergency stop switches, inspection switches, pit lighting, and alarm buttons.
  • Advanced Communication: Utilizes CANbus for efficient communication with the main controller and other ARCODE units.
  • Enhanced Safety and Functionality: Critical for elevators using the Arkel ARCODE system, enhancing overall safety and operational efficiency.
  • Durable and Reliable Design: Built to endure the rigorous demands of an elevator shaft environment, promising long-term reliability.
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Elevate your elevator experience with our top-notch products, including the ARKEL KDB Pit Connection Board designed to meet the highest safety standards.

🔒 Safety First: EN81-20 Compliance The ARKEL KDB Pit Connection Board is crafted with precision, adhering to the EN81-20 standard, ensuring the highest safety measures for elevator systems. Elevators equipped with the ARKEL KDB board provide a secure and stable connection in compliance with industry regulations.

🚀 Enhancing Functionality: ARKEL ARCODE System Part of the ARKEL ARCODE system, the KDB Pit Connection Board plays a crucial role in elevators’ functionality and safety. This modular and flexible elevator control system utilizes various peripheral units to enhance overall performance. The KDB board manages components at the pit bottom, such as emergency stop switches, inspection switches, pit lighting, and alarm buttons, ensuring seamless communication with the main controller and other ARCODE units via CANbus.

💪 Durable Design: High Performance The ARKEL KDB stands out with its robust and durable structure, providing high performance in demanding elevator environments. This reliability ensures the longevity of the board, contributing to the overall durability of your elevator system.

⏱️ Time and Cost Efficiency: Easy Assembly We understand the importance of efficiency in installation. The ARKEL KDB board saves both time and cost with its easy assembly feature. Designed for user-friendly installation, it streamlines the process, allowing for a smoother integration into your elevator system.

KDB Pit Connection Board Technical Specifications:

  • Model: ARKEL KDB
  • Code: 1003516
  • Description: Kuyu Dibi Bağlantı Kartı (EN81-20)

Installation and Compatibility: The ARKEL KDB is seamlessly compatible with Integrated Elevator Control Unit Auxiliary Units cards, ensuring optimal functionality. Its design aligns with EN81-20 standards, providing a safe and reliable solution for elevators.

Why Choose ARKEL KDB from ISF Elevator Shop?

  • High-quality design compliant with EN81-20 standards
  • Strong and durable structure for reliable performance
  • Time and cost-efficient installation
  • Seamless compatibility with ARKEL ARCODE system
  • Elevate safety standards in your elevator system

Elevate with Confidence: Good quality ARKEL KDB, affordable price at ISF Elevator Shop. Elevate your standards, elevate with ISF!

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