Arkel IBC-S Card

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  • Model No: IBC-S
  • Description: The Arkel ARCODE assistant unit designed for precise elevator control. This revision box control card seamlessly integrates the controller panels located both above the cabin and within the cabin cassette.
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Arkel IBC-S Car Top Control & Connection Card

The IBC-S Car Top Control & Connection Card stands out as a state-of-the-art ARCODE assistant unit. It’s engineered to bridge and oversee controller panels, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of elevator operations.

Why Choose IBC-S?

This control card guarantees optimal operation by ensuring the necessary connections and controls are expertly managed. Your elevator will function flawlessly, thanks to its sophisticated design and features.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the IBC-S work?

It links the elevator’s control panels and executes vital control functions, paving the way for smooth elevator operations.

How challenging is the installation?

While typically set up by a skilled technician, its intuitive design makes installation straightforward for those familiar with the technical aspects.

Is it compatible with various elevator models?

Absolutely! The Arkel IBC-S is versatile and pairs well with numerous elevator models. For specific compatibility queries, it’s best to contact your vendor.

What about the warranty?

Yes, the IBC-S Car Top Control & Connection Card comes with a dedicated warranty. Detailed information can be availed upon purchase.

Do you offer technical support?

Indeed, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive technical support. Feel free to reach out using the contact details below.

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