Arkel DBR Door Bridging Board

Arkel DBR Door Bridging Board, used in elevators, improves their performance and safety. It has special features like helping doors close efficiently, allowing passengers to enter and exit quickly, and making elevators start faster. This card saves energy by not keeping the doors open for too long. It’s easy to install and made to last. Overall, it’s a top choice in the elevator industry due to its great quality and benefits.

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Arkel DBR Door Bridging Board (DBR Arcode Assistant Units – Door Bridging Cards)

Arkel DBR model is a DBR door bridging card, an essential component within the realm of Integrated Elevator Control Unit Auxiliary Units. This specific card serves a crucial role by offering a range of functionalities, including door open level refresh, door pre-opening, and fast departure (travel preparation).

Facilitating both safety and efficiency, the ARKEL DBR door bridging card plays a pivotal role in the seamless operation of elevator systems. By ensuring the doors open and close reliably, it contributes to the overall effectiveness of elevator performance. Notably, this card enhances elevator speed through its innovative fast take-off feature, enabling smoother and swifter vertical transportation.

An additional noteworthy attribute of the ARKEL DBR card is its door open level refresh feature. This capability prevents doors from remaining ajar for extended periods, thus conserving energy and maintaining a controlled interior environment.

Constructed from premium materials, the ARKEL DBR door bridging card boasts exceptional durability and a robust structure. Its installation and operation are notably streamlined, showcasing user-friendly characteristics that prioritize ease of use.

In essence, the ARKEL DBR door bridging card stands as a testament to advanced engineering within the elevator sector. Its superior performance and unwavering quality position it as an industry leader, with an unequivocal focus on both safety and efficiency.


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