Arkel ARCODE 4B10A 10A Integrated Elevator Control Unit

  • Product Code: ARCODE 4B10A
  • Model No: 4B10A
  • Description: An integrated elevator control unit designed for both synchronous and asynchronous machine type elevators with speeds up to 4 m/s.


  • Accommodates both Synchronous (gearless) and Asynchronous (geared) Machine types.
  • Options for Machine Room or Machine Roomless configurations.
  • Speeds up to 4 m/s.
  • Harmonizes up to 8 elevators for group functionality.
  • Supports up to 64 stops.
  • 2-door support with independent automatic door control.


  • Enhanced vertical mobility with speeds up to 4 m/s.
  • Optimal precision with incremental or absolute value motor encoders.
  • Automatic tuning for pitch-perfect motor recognition and control gain learning.
  • Direct posture for enhanced passenger comfort.
  • Built-in EMI filter for undisturbed motor efficiency.
  • Energy-saving mode for eco-friendly operations.
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ARCODE 4B10A 400V 10A Integrated Elevator Lift Control Unit

Enhance your building’s vertical transportation with the cutting-edge Arkel ARCODE 4B10A Integrated Elevator Control Unit. Designed to cater to both synchronous and asynchronous machine type elevators, this versatile control unit revolutionizes elevator operation. Whether your elevator has a machine room or is machine roomless (MRL), the ARCODE 4B10A adapts seamlessly to your needs, boasting a remarkable elevator speed of up to 4 m/s.

Elevating the Basics

  • Motor Mastery: The ARCODE 4B10A embraces the dynamic world of elevators, accommodating both Synchronous (gearless) and Asynchronous (geared) Machine types.
  • Space, Speed, and Style: Versatility meets velocity with options for Machine Room or Machine Roomless configurations. Blaze through floors at speeds up to 4 m/s, redefining vertical mobility.
  • Unity in Group Dynamics: Elevate the experience for a multitude. This control unit harmonizes up to 8 elevators, orchestrating seamless group functionality.
  • Stopping at Precision: With up to 64 Stops, the ARCODE 4B10A ensures passengers embark on their journeys with precision and promptness.

Elevator Symphony with ARCODE 4B10A

Crafted for Excellence

  • Encoded Elegance: Cabin position revelation, decoded by incremental or absolute value motor encoders, guaranteeing optimal precision.
  • Dancing Doors: Unleash the power of 2-door support with independent automatic door control, tailored to stops.
  • Tuning Harmony: Let the ARCODE 4B10A take the reins with automatic tuning. From motor recognition to control gain learning, every note is pitch-perfect.
  • Comfort Crusader: Offering the luxury of direct posture, ARCODE 4B10A redefines comfort for every passenger.

Fortress of Functionality

  • Electromagnetic Serenity: Say goodbye to unwanted interference with the built-in EMI filter, harmonizing elevator operation.
  • Shock Shield: The ARCODE 4B10A’s integrated DC shock is the ultimate shield against disruptive vibrations, ensuring smooth rides.
  • Relay Resilience: Unforeseen power outages meet their match. The built-in relays seamlessly transition to emergency supply when the mains falter.
  • Door Dynamics Delight: Elevate the entry experience with pre-opening prowess and swift departures, powered by the optional door bridging module.
  • Intuitive Learning: Digital well learning, coupled with concise floor travel sans extra hardware, transforms every stop into an art form.
  • A Stop Worth the Wait: The precise posture feature ensures each stop is as graceful as the last, enriching the passenger journey.
  • Green Travel: Embark on energy-efficient journeys with the ARCODE 4B10A’s energy-saving mode, contributing to a greener tomorrow.
  • Wired for Ingenuity: Customize the elevator symphony with programmable inputs and outputs, composing a tune that suits your unique needs.
  • Test the Elevator Waters: Dive into the elevator’s heart with the ARCODE 4B10A’s comprehensive elevator test menu.

Elevate Your Building Experience

The ARKEL ARCODE 4B10A thrives in grand architectural domains, effortlessly overseeing up to 8 elevators within a group. With a built-in EMI filter and a DC shock guardian, the ARCODE 4B10A promises undisturbed motor efficiency.

The ARCODE 4B10A’s auto-tuning prowess conducts a symphony of precision, ensuring that every journey is a masterpiece. Comfort reigns supreme with the precise stop feature, encapsulating passengers in a world of elegance and ease. Elevate your expectations, for the ARKEL ARCODE 4B10A is not just an elevator control unit—it’s a masterpiece of vertical mobility.

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50 × 33 × 28 cm




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