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Arkel ARL-500 Elevator Lift Control Panel

Arkel ARL-500 lift control panel showcasing its advanced features and VVVF inverter for efficient elevator operations.

Elevator control panels are the brain of an elevator system. They manage and coordinate the various functions of an elevator, ensuring smooth, safe, and efficient operation. This guide will provide an in-depth look at elevator control panels, including what they are, how they work, and why they are essential. Additionally, we will showcase the specific control panels and related components available at ISF Elevator Shop.

What is an Elevator Control Panel?

An elevator control panel is an electronic system that governs the operation of an elevator. It processes inputs from users and sensors, and executes commands to control the movement, speed, and stopping of the elevator car. The control panel ensures that the elevator operates safely, efficiently, and in accordance with user commands and building requirements.

Key Functions of Elevator Control Panels

  • Movement Control: Regulates the elevator’s speed and direction.
  • Safety Monitoring: Ensures that the elevator operates within safe parameters.
  • User Interface: Allows passengers to select floors and communicate with the control system.
  • Diagnostics: Monitors and reports the status and health of the elevator system.

Why Use Elevator Control Panels?

Elevator control panels are essential for several reasons:

  1. Safety: They ensure that the elevator operates safely and reliably, preventing accidents and malfunctions.
  2. Efficiency: They optimize the performance of the elevator, reducing wait times and energy consumption.
  3. Convenience: They provide an intuitive interface for passengers to interact with the elevator system.
  4. Maintenance: They facilitate easy troubleshooting and maintenance by providing diagnostic information.

Elevator Control Panels at ISF Elevator Shop

Arkel ARL-500 Elevator Lift Control Panel

The Arkel ARL-500 is a comprehensive control panel designed to manage various aspects of elevator operations. Below are the key components associated with the ARL-500 control panel:

AD-Drive VVVF Inverter

The AD-Drive VVVF Inverter is essential for controlling motor speeds, ensuring energy efficiency, and providing smooth operation of the elevator.

EMC Filter

The EMC Filter minimizes electromagnetic interference, enhancing the reliability of the elevator’s electronic systems.


The ENCABIT component is crucial for effective communication within the control panel system, ensuring seamless operations.

MRL Charge

The MRL Charge unit manages the charging of batteries, providing necessary backup power during outages.

ETCM (Elevator Control and Monitoring)

The ETCM board monitors and controls various functions of the elevator, ensuring all operations are within safe and efficient parameters.

MKD (Magnetic Contactors)

The MKD components are used to control electrical power in the elevator system, providing safe and reliable switching.

ARL 500 Main Board

The ARL 500 Main Board is the central component of the control panel, integrating all control and monitoring functions to manage the elevator’s operations.

EK 1 Emergency Control

The EK 1 provides manual control in emergency situations, ensuring that the elevator can be safely managed during power failures or other emergencies.

KBK 7 and KBK 9 Connection Boards

The KBK 7 and KBK 9 boards are used to connect various components within the control panel, ensuring efficient and organized wiring.


The KKCBA component is an additional auxiliary device that enhances the control panel’s functionality, providing additional control options.


Elevator control panels are crucial for the safe, efficient, and reliable operation of elevators. The Arkel ARL-500 Elevator Lift Control Panel, with its comprehensive suite of components, ensures top-notch performance and safety for your elevator systems. At ISF Elevator Shop, we are committed to providing high-quality control panels and components to meet all your elevator needs. Explore our website to find the right products for your system and ensure your elevators operate at their best. For any queries or assistance, feel free to contact our expert support team.

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