Socket IP54 for Elevator Control Panel

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Socket IP54 for Elevator Lift Control Panel

Socket IP54 for Elevator Lift Control Panel is a crucial component in elevator systems, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of these essential transportation devices. At ISF Elevator Shop, we take pride in offering high-quality Socket IP54 units that meet the demanding standards of the industry.

Product Specifications for Socket IP54:

Specification Measurement Description
Weight 0.1 kg The weight of the Socket IP54 is 0.1 kilograms. This measurement indicates how heavy the socket is. It’s a relatively lightweight component, which is essential for ease of handling and installation.
Dimensions 6 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm The dimensions of the Socket IP54 are 6 centimeters in length, 5 centimeters in width, and 5 centimeters in height. These measurements describe the physical size of the socket. It has a compact and manageable size, making it suitable for various applications within elevator control panels.

Key Features of Socket IP54

  1. Protection Rating: Socket IP54 boasts an IP54 protection rating, making it resistant to dust and water. This rating ensures that it can withstand the challenging environmental conditions commonly found in elevator panels.
  2. Durability: Our Socket IP54 units are crafted from durable materials, such as robust plastics or metals. This durability ensures a long-lasting and reliable performance, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  3. Easy Installation: Designed with convenience in mind, Socket IP54 is easy to install, saving both time and effort during the setup of elevator control panels. This user-friendly feature is appreciated by professionals in the elevator industry.
  4. Versatile Application: Socket IP54 provides power to various electrical devices within elevator control panels. These include the elevator motor, control panel components, security systems, and lighting systems. Its versatility makes it an indispensable part of elevator systems.

FAQs of Socket IP54

Why is Socket IP54 used in elevator panels?

Socket IP54 is the preferred choice for elevator panels because it offers a high level of protection against dust and water. Elevator panels are often located in environments with elevated dust and humidity levels, making a robust and water-resistant socket essential for safety and reliability.

What is the protection rating of Socket IP54?

Socket IP54 carries an IP54 protection rating. This means it is resistant to solid objects up to 3 mm in diameter and can withstand splashes of water for up to 10 minutes. It provides dependable protection in challenging conditions.

What is the price of Socket IP54?

The price of Socket IP54 varies depending on factors such as size, protection rating, and additional features. In general, Socket IP54 units are available at competitive prices, ranging from 100 TL to 500 TL, ensuring affordability without compromising quality.

Where can I buy Socket IP54?

A: You can purchase Socket IP54 from reputable electrical supply stores or conveniently online. ISF Elevator Shop is also your trusted source for Socket IP54 units. Our online platform offers a seamless shopping experience, backed by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Socket IP54 for Elevator Lift Control Panel is a vital component in the elevator industry, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of elevators in various environments. ISF Elevator Shop is dedicated to providing top-notch Socket IP54 units that meet the highest industry standards. With our durable, easy-to-install sockets, you can enhance the performance and longevity of elevator control panels. Choose ISF Elevator Shop for good quality Socket IP54 units at an affordable price, and experience the reliability that professionals in the field trust.


0 , 1 kg


6 × 5 × 5 cm


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