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The SERVOSAN KU-S 60VDCX 1500VA is a battery-powered emergency evacuation device designed for elevators. This versatile device functions as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with a 60V 7AH battery at its core, offering additional functionalities crucial for elevator safety. It is compatible with emergency evacuation operations for elevator panels equipped with inverters of various power ratings, thanks to its direct connection to the inverters’ DC buses. Additionally, it allows for the increase of DC bus battery voltage up to 120VDC.

One remarkable feature of the SERVOSAN KU-S 60VDCX 1500VA is its ability to halt operation after a pre-selected evacuation duration, ensuring minimal battery discharge during extended power outages. This intelligent design preserves battery life while passengers await the return of AC power.

The device’s compact size facilitates easy installation within elevator panels, optimizing space usage. Notably, it boasts a Cold Start feature, enabling it to function without the need for AC power, which proves invaluable during maintenance and service tasks in the absence of electricity. Moreover, a battery test function allows for periodic checks to ensure readiness for potential power interruptions.

Key Features of the SERVOSAN KU-S 60VDCX 1500VA:

  1. Battery-Powered Emergency Evacuation: Ensures the safe evacuation of elevator passengers during power outages or emergencies, enhancing elevator safety.
  2. Impressive Power Output: Delivers 1500VA of power to keep elevators operational during evacuation procedures, ensuring a smooth and safe evacuation process.
  3. 60V 7AH Battery: Equipped with a reliable 60V 7AH battery for consistent and efficient power supply during emergencies.
  4. Cold Start Feature: Able to initiate operation without waiting for AC power, making it indispensable for maintenance and service tasks even in the absence of electricity.
  5. Compact Design: Its compact form factor allows for easy integration into elevator panels, optimizing space within the elevator system.
  6. Battery Test Function: Provides a means to verify readiness by testing with 24V input in standby mode, ensuring swift activation during power outages.

Reliability in Critical Moments:

At ISF Elevator Shop, we recognize the paramount importance of elevator safety. The SERVOSAN KU-S 60VDCX 1500VA offers a dependable solution to guarantee the safe evacuation of elevator passengers during unexpected power disruptions. By directly powering the inverters’ DC buses from its battery, this device ensures a consistent and reliable power supply, enhancing passenger safety.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with decades of expertise, is reflected in the quality products we offer. We take pride in providing solutions like the SERVOSAN KU-S 60VDCX 1500VA that contribute to the safety and efficiency of elevator systems.

Discover the top-notch quality of the SERVOSAN KU-S 60VDCX 1500VA at an affordable price at ISF Elevator Shop. Elevate your elevator safety with our exceptional products. For more information or to make a purchase, please visit ISF Elevator Shop or contact us at

Safety and reliability – that’s the ISF Elevator Shop promise.


7 kg


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