LCD240X128A-S Arkel LCD

  • Product Code: LCD240X128A-S
  • Model No: Arkel LCD240X128A-S
  • Description: Arkel LCD240X128A-S Indicator Unit (240×128 Pixel – 114×64 mm LCD Indicator)
  • LCD Type: Monochrome Graph
  • Visible Area (mm): Length × Width – 114 mm x 64 mm
  • Resolution: 240 x 128 Pixels
  • Video Playback: Not Available
  • Playing Music: Not Available
  • Voice Announcement: Not Available
  • Date and Time: Available (with ARL-500)
  • Temperature: Not Available
  • Working Interface: Parallel signal, CANbus, Serial Communication (with ARL-500)
  • Working Position: Horizontal & Vertical (With Arcode)
  • Programming Shape: With PC Cable Connection
  • Language Options: Turkish and English

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LCD240X128A-S Arkel Indicator Unit (240×128 Pixel – 114×64 mm LCD Indicator)

Arkel LCD240X128A-S Indicator Unit is a crucial component used in elevators to provide essential information to passengers in a clear and user-friendly manner. Elevators play a vital role in modern buildings, and this indicator unit contributes to their safe and efficient operation.

General Features of LCD240X128A-S Arkel Indicator Unit

Feature Description
LCD Type Monochrome Graph. This refers to the type of screen used in the device, which is a monochrome graphical display.
Visible Area (mm) Length × Width – 114 mm x 64 mm. The visible area of the screen, measured in millimeters, is 114 mm in length and 64 mm in width.
Resolution 240 x 128 Pixels. This indicates the screen’s resolution, which is the number of individual dots or pixels that make up the display. In this case, it has a resolution of 240 pixels in width and 128 pixels in height.
Video Playback Not Available. This device does not have the capability to play videos.
Playing Music Not Available. It also does not have the ability to play music.
Voice Announcement Not Available. This feature is not supported; the device cannot provide voice announcements.
Date and Time Available (with ARL-500). The device can display the date and time, but this feature requires an additional accessory called ARL-500.
Temperature Not Available. There is no temperature-related functionality in this device.
Working Interface Parallel signal, CANbus, Serial Communication (with ARL-500). It can communicate with other devices or systems using different interfaces such as parallel signal, CANbus, or serial communication when paired with ARL-500.
Working Position Horizontal & Vertical (With Arcode). The device can be installed in both horizontal and vertical positions when used in conjunction with Arcode.
Programming Shape With PC Cable Connection. To program or configure the device, a connection to a computer is required via a PC cable.
Language Options Turkish and English. The device can be operated in either Turkish or English languages.

Functions of Arkel LCD240X128A-S Indicator Unit

Function Description
64 Stop Supports (Compatible with ARL-700 and Arcode CANbus System) This feature allows the device to support up to 64 different stops within an elevator system. It is compatible with both the ARL-700 and Arcode CANbus systems, making it versatile for various elevator setups.
Usable as Cabin or Floor Display This device can serve as a display either within the elevator cabin or on the floors, offering flexibility in its application.
Support for Gray Code, Binary Code, Arkel Counter System, 7-Segment Display, and CANbus (with ARL-500 Control System) It provides compatibility with multiple display systems, including Gray code, Binary code, the Arkel counter system, and 7-segment display. Additionally, when paired with the ARL-500 control system, it supports CANbus communication for enhanced functionality.
Programmable via 4-Button Menu or PC with LCD240128A Uploader Software Users can program the device either directly using its 4-button menu interface or via a PC using the LCD240128A Uploader software, offering convenient programming options.
Individual Image Programming This device allows for the programming of each individual image separately, giving users precise control over the displayed content.
Programmable Moving/Stationary Arrow Indication Users can program dynamic arrow indicators that can either move or remain stationary to provide clear directional guidance.
Programmable Moving/Static Subtitle It supports the programming of moving or static subtitles, enhancing the display’s informational capabilities.
Programmable Out-of-Service and Overload Images This feature enables users to program specific images to indicate when the elevator is out of service or overloaded, improving communication with passengers.
Programmable Logo Images Users can customize the display by programming their own logo images or selecting from available options.
Station Name Customization with Characters The device allows for station name customization using characters such as “-“, “B,” “L,” and “Z,” enabling the adaptation of station names to specific requirements.
Settings Backup and Restore Users can save, modify, and restore settings made using computer software, ensuring that configurations are easily managed and maintained.
Library or Custom Image Selection It offers the choice of using images from its library or uploading custom images, allowing for personalized and branded displays.
Signal Polarity Configuration (Positive or Negative) The device can be configured to work with signal partners as either positive or negative, accommodating different signal types.
Date and Time Display (CANbus Mode with ARL-500 Control System) In CANbus mode with the ARL-500 control system, this device can display the date and time, providing valuable real-time information to elevator users.

FAQ about Arkel LCD240X128A-S Indicator Unit

How is the Arkel LCD240X128A-S Indicator Unit programmed?

Arkel LCD240X128A-S Indicator Unit can be easily programmed via a PC Cable Connection, enabling users to configure the unit according to their preferences and needs.

What language options does this unit support?

This unit supports both Turkish and English language options, ensuring that elevator passengers can receive information in a language they are comfortable with.

What resolution does this unit have?

The Arkel LCD240X128A-S Indicator Unit boasts a resolution of 240×128 pixels, allowing it to display intricate details and essential information with clarity.

Which elevator control system does this unit integrate with?

The unit operates flawlessly with Parallel Signal CANbus Serial Communication and seamlessly integrates with the ARL-500 control system, ensuring optimal performance.

LCD240X128A-S Arkel LCD Price?

Price information for Arkel LCD240X128A-S is available at the top of this product page. For further inquiries and to acquire the Arkel LCD240X128A-S Indicator Unit, please contact us:

Arkel LCD240X128A-S Indicator Unit is a technological marvel that elevates the safety and efficiency of elevator systems. By personalizing your elevator experience and providing greater control, this unit contributes to making elevator usage safer and more efficient. Elevate your building with Arkel technology today! Good quality Arkel LCD240X128A-S Indicator Unit, available at an affordable price at ISF Elevator Shop.


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