Arkel KBL-DCN2 Door Contacts Cable 3m.

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Arkel KBL-DCN2 Door Contacts Cable 3m (Connection to Landing Door)

Product Information Table

Feature Specification
Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 27 × 17 × 7 cm
Length of Cable 3 meters
Connection Type For Landing Door

Detailed Overview

The Arkel KBL-DCN2 Door Contacts Cable is an essential component within elevator control systems, specifically designed for connections to landing doors. Let’s delve into its features for a clearer understanding:

  • Length: This cable extends to a length of 3 meters, offering ample reach for connecting various components within the elevator shaft.
  • Purpose: Its primary role is to facilitate seamless communication between the elevator’s control panel and the landing door mechanisms, ensuring efficient operation.
  • Function: By ensuring proper signaling and coordination, the door contacts cable plays a critical role in the smooth and safe functioning of the elevator doors.

ISF Elevator Shop stands at the forefront of providing reliable solutions within the elevator industry, offering products like the Arkel KBL-DCN2 to enhance the safety and efficiency of elevator systems. 🛗


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